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      Etana Custody users, please be vigilant! A scam targeting users of Etana’s services has been reported, involving a fake $ETANA token airdrop. If you’ve received an email similar to the one described below, exercise extreme caution and do not follow its instructions.

      Scam Description: An email claiming to be from Etana Custody announces an exclusive $ETANA token airdrop as a reward for their customers. Recipients are instructed to visit a linked page to connect their Web3 wallets and claim their tokens.

      Key Details from the Scam:

      • Scam Period: November 12th to November 15th
      • Method of Contact: Email
      • Fraudulent Email Domain:
      • Claim Process: Users are directed to an airdrop page via email to connect their Web3 wallets for instant $ETANA token receipt.

      Target Information:

      • Location: ON, Canada- L9R 1R5

      Scammer Information:

      • Contact Information: Email through a suspicious domain

      Actionable Advice:

      • Do not connect your wallet to any site linked from unsolicited emails, especially those claiming token airdrops.
      • Verify any such promotions directly through official channels (Etana Custody’s official website or verified social media accounts).

      If you’ve encountered this scam or a similar one, or have additional information such as other contact details or receiving addresses involved in the scam, please share your experience. This can help in alerting and protecting others within the community.

      Remember, staying informed and cautious is key to safeguarding your assets and personal information against such deceptive tactics.

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