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      Hello Scam Prevention and Education Community,

      Exciting news from Taipei! The first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit (ASAS) was just held, marking a significant milestone in the fight against digital scams in Asia. This event was a joint initiative by the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) and Gogolook, a leading TrustTech provider, under the theme of “Turning the Tide in Asia.”

      Key Highlights from the Summit

      • Launch of the Asia Scam Report: GASA and Gogolook unveiled the first Asia Scam Report, a detailed analysis of scam trends across the Asian region. This report aims to be a foundation for policy development and advocacy in combating fraud.
      • Rise of Scams Fueled by AI and Deepfake Technologies: The report, based on data from nearly 20,000 respondents across 11 Asian regions, reveals an alarming increase in scams. Over 60% of Asians now encounter at least one scam weekly, with phone calls and SMS being the most common methods.
      • Identity Theft and Investment Scams as Major Concerns: The report underscores the pervasive nature of scams in various sectors, with identity theft, shopping, and investment scams being the most prevalent.
      • Building a Strong Anti-Scam Community: The report highlights the need for continuous fraud prevention education and public awareness. It calls for collaborative efforts among public authorities, businesses, and individuals to strengthen defenses against scams.

      GASA and Gogolook’s Initiatives

      • Global Collaboration: Both GASA and Gogolook are committed to fostering a robust global alliance to counter the ‘scamdemic’ in Asia. This includes collaboration with law enforcement, businesses, and the public to develop effective anti-scam strategies.
      • Innovative Solutions: Gogolook leads the way with AI technology and data-driven anti-fraud services, like the Whoscall app, to help combat digital crime.

      For those interested in a deeper dive, the full Asia Scam Report can be accessed here (PDF).

      This summit and the release of the Asia Scam Report are crucial steps in raising awareness and equipping us with the knowledge to combat the rising tide of digital scams in Asia. Let’s continue to support these initiatives and work together towards a safer digital environment!

      Stay vigilant,
      Scam Prevention and Education Forum Moderator

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