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      Hello everyone,

      Today, we delve into a pressing issue in the online trading and financial world: the alleged scams surrounding Tradevexo & EasyCrypto4U. These platforms have raised numerous red flags, urging us to take a closer look.

      1. Tradevexo: A Web of Deception?
      – Dubious Web Presence: Tradevexo’s platform, identified by the URL, has garnered significant suspicion. With a reported loss of 18,200€ by investors, the platform’s legitimacy is under scrutiny.
      – Alarm Bells: Reviews on Trustpilot and WikiFX paint a troubling picture, with low ratings and numerous complaints about inability to withdraw funds and misleading practices.
      – Regulatory Warnings: Both CNMV and Consob have listed Tradevexo among suspicious platforms, urging caution.

      2. Igor Linck & Antonela Tomic: These names, linked to Tradevexo, have emerged as central figures in the scheme. Their involvement and the shared email address Igorlinck@tradevexo .email raise questions about their operations and intentions.

      3. EasyCrypto4U: Linked to Tradevexo?
      – Unclear Origins: While claiming to be based in Switzerland, indications suggest a connection to Lithuania. This discrepancy has led to doubts about the platform’s transparency.
      – Online Footprint: The site shows a low authority score and poor reviews on Trustpilot, with users reporting issues similar to those faced with Tradevexo.

      4. & Payswix Connection: The domain appears to be used for email communications, with warnings from financial authorities about its operations. Conversely, Payswix, a licensed e-money institution, offers secure financial solutions, standing in stark contrast to Tradevexo’s operations.

      5. Concluding Thoughts:
      – Caution and Research: The findings suggest that while Tradevexo and EasyCrypto4U are fraught with red flags and scam allegations, platforms like Payswix demonstrate the potential of secure and transparent financial technology.
      – Vigilance is Key: In the evolving landscape of digital finance, staying informed and cautious is crucial. Prospective users should thoroughly research platforms before engagement.

      Your Experiences: Have you encountered these platforms? Share your experiences and any losses you might have suffered. We aim to provide assistance and raise awareness about such online scams.

      Stay Updated: For latest scam warnings and updates.

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