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      Investors are advised to exercise caution with the following entities, which are operating without appropriate registrations and authorizations in their respective regions. If you have had interactions or been a victim of any of these entities, please come forward and share your story to assist in collective efforts to raise awareness and possibly aid investigations.

      British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) Warnings:

      1. Valiant Markets

      • Website:
      • Activity: Claims to offer brokerage services in various commodities and financial instruments.
      • Note: Not registered to trade in or advise on securities or derivatives in BC.

      2. VT Markets

      • Websites:,
      • Activity: Offers accounts for trading in forex, commodities, stocks, etc.
      • Note: Lacks registration in BC for trading or advising.

      3. RockStoneTrust

      • Contact: RockStoneTrust
      • Activity: Claims trading and account services in various markets.
      • Note: Unregistered in BC.

      4. Ant Contract

      • Website:
      • Activity: Digital asset trading and management.
      • Note: Not authorized in BC.

      Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Warnings (UK):

      1. Saturn4U

      • Website:
      • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
      • Contacts:, +14184740936, +442035350251
      • Note: This entity is not authorized by the FCA and may target UK residents.

      2. Sepal Trust Investment

      • Website:
      • Location: Jacksonville, USA
      • Contacts:, +447902703178
      • Note: Operating without FCA authorization.

      3. Spencer & Stanley

      • Website:
      • Location: Luxembourg
      • Contact:
      • Note: Not authorized by the FCA.

      4. APEX Acquisition Advisors

      • Website:
      • Location: New York, USA
      • Contacts:, +19175913247
      • Note: Lacks FCA authorization and may target UK residents.

      5. KonohaFX

      • Website:
      • Location: Larnaca, Cyprus
      • Contacts:, +442039897211, +61862459638
      • Note: Operating without necessary FCA authorization.

      If you have conducted transactions with or have been contacted by any of the above-listed firms, sharing your experiences could be crucial. Please include details such as transaction dates, amounts, and any communications. This information can be vital for preventing further victimization and potentially aiding in the pursuit of recourse. Always verify financial entities’ registration and authorization status before engaging in any transactions.

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