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      We have received a concerning report about a cryptocurrency scam through a platform known as Avenix-Trade. The fraudulent activities were conducted under the pretense of an investment opportunity, a deceptive scheme. The victim was led to believe that the investment would provide substantial returns, which would assist with urgent medical expenses for a family member.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website:
      • Contact Information: The phone number associated with the scam is +447438419754
      • Fraudulent Transaction Hashes:
      • f7f2c91c755b2b17d8174cd1196d1077ee4e811b054f6aabe10ce9df4db70f0
      • 094f01e70d0a99194fd9d8ac6cf7c52ab61ebeeb22468aba25958e2ce7c3a1e8
      • Cryptocurrency: Tron (TRC-10 / TRC-20 Token)
      • Receiving Address: TLuYkRmyuuTi84r4mt8mP28DPvMHELYXdE

      These details may aid in tracking down the entities behind this scam. If you’ve been affected by transactions related to the addresses or contact information mentioned above or have engaged with and experienced fraudulent activity, please come forward and share your story.

      Your input could be crucial in preventing further losses and may assist in the effort to retrieve funds for those who have been defrauded. Remember, transparency in such matters can strengthen numbers and be key in drawing attention to the scam for collective action and warning others.

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