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      Alert to the online community:

      A new report has emerged regarding a suspected scam operated under the name “SBSmrbrown, struggle before success” associated with the website Individuals are advised to exercise extreme caution if they encounter this group or website offering a ‘get rich quick’ scheme involving cryptocurrency transactions.

      Details to note for OSINT investigations:

      – Scam Name: SBSmrbrown, struggle before success
      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Known Transaction Hash: (Partial) bc1qx5qjngykjtaj9rjlm2ah5algcxrj gwpt50kd8y (Please note that the hash seems incomplete or contains a space which might be an error)
      – Receiving Address: (Partial) 3629 81st ave sw (Note: This address appears to be incomplete and may require additional context to be actionable)

      If you have experienced a similar incident or have conducted transactions with these entities, your insights could be crucial for investigations and prevention of further scams. Sharing your story can not only assist in awareness but also help in aggregating data to track and potentially apprehend the fraudsters.

      Those who have fallen victim to this scheme are encouraged to come forward and share their experiences. Every piece of information can contribute to a broader understanding and can assist others in avoiding similar pitfalls.

      For those affected:
      Please reach out with any additional details such as email correspondence, text records, full transaction hashes, and addresses associated with your case. If you are seeking pro bono assistance, include a note about your situation with the relevant documentation to support your request.

      Let’s work together to raise awareness and prevent further losses within our community. Stay vigilant and informed.

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