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      Important Warning to the Community:

      A report has been filed regarding a distressing scam incident faced by a recent arrival in the United States, who fell victim to a fraudulent scheme while seeking employment.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Partial Transaction Hash: 0x0Df2327c441C256E24B71f7109584d08704E (complete hash not provided)
      • Scam Name: LYNX
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Receiving Address: TBP4zAYJARG5dvu3hcJ5taFS1i79794XUy

      Situation Summary:

      • The individual used an international card to purchase cryptocurrencies to secure a job.
      • After the transaction, they have been left in a financial crisis with no funds to hire legal assistance.
      • The victim is experiencing emotional and financial distress due to this scam.

      If you have also been affected by transactions linked to the LYNX website or a similar scam, please share your experience. Any information you can provide might help in the collective effort to track down the scammers and prevent further victims.

      Advice for Those Affected:

      • Contact cryptocurrency trading platforms to report the scam and seek assistance.
      • Explore victim support networks that might offer guidance without legal fees.

      Support Offer:

      • Share any additional details you may have about your interactions with the scam entity.
      • Community members with experience in similar situations or OSINT are encouraged to assist in any way they can.

      Remember, you are not alone in this. By exposing such scams and offering support to each other, we can make a collective effort to seek justice and prevent future scams.

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