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      We want to bring urgent attention to a recent scam that has come to our notice. A user on our forum, particularly young at only 14 years of age, has unfortunately fallen victim to a scam carried out through Telegram, a messaging platform.

      Case Details:

      • Nature of Scam: Telegram Scam
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: f3ee974a4cb20188fa1df13c5405d43696437fa042569395c663c6c588155ef6
      • Scammer’s Receiving Address: bc1qmktjrpsrwyjtatwqjkux8c7wlv60xqqvnpwxu9

      The victim was promised a significant return on investment after sending $300 AUD worth of Bitcoin. Unfortunately, after the transaction was made, the scammer proceeded to block the victim, severing all contact.

      As a community of OSINT investigators and those affected by cryptocurrency scams, we must raise awareness about these fraudulent practices to prevent further victims.

      If you or someone you know has been scammed in a similar way, especially by the same receiving Bitcoin address or through Telegram, please share your story. Your information can be invaluable in tracking down these scammers and possibly assisting in recovering lost assets.

      To those who have been affected, you’re not alone, and your sharing could prevent someone else from falling into the same trap. Please provide any relevant additional details, such as conversation logs, screenshots, or other contact information you may have had with the scammer.

      Stay alert and protect your digital assets.

      Adam, Admin at

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