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      I want to alert everyone to a highly sophisticated scam involving the website This scam is not only cunning but also manipulative, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram to build trust and rapport over time. Here’s a breakdown of what happened, which might help in any OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations or if you’ve encountered something similar.

      How the Scam Unfolds:

      • Initial Contact: The scam starts innocuously, with conversations about common interests such as bird photography. This is a clever tactic to lower the victim’s guard by engaging in non-threatening, casual dialogue.
      • Building Trust: Over time, these conversations diversify into various topics, including philosophy, further establishing a bond and trust between the scammer and the victim. This phase is crucial for the scam’s success, as it relies on the emotional investment of the victim.
      • Introduction to the Scam: After months of building a relationship, the scammer introduces the victim to, presenting it as a legitimate platform for investment or fund management.
      • The Scam: Trusting the scammer, the victim invests money into the platform. It’s only after the investment is made that the victim realizes the scam. By then, the scammer has disappeared, and the victim’s funds are gone.

      Useful Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Website: The scam revolves around the website Any digital footprint associated with this domain, including its registration details, hosting information, and related websites, can be crucial.
      • Social Media Interaction: The scammer uses Instagram to find and build a relationship with their targets. Accounts associated with bird photography or that engage in long-term, seemingly innocent conversations before introducing the investment opportunity should be scrutinized.
      • Contact Information: Although not provided in the complaint, any contact information shared by the scammer (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles) can aid in tracking their activities.
      • Receiving Addresses: For those who have made payments, the blockchain addresses (if cryptocurrency was used) or bank account details where the funds were sent can offer leads on the scammer’s identity or network.

      Have You Been Scammed by

      Please share your story if you’ve had a similar experience or have been scammed by the same platform or individual. Your information could help prevent others from falling victim to this scam and assist in ongoing investigations. Remember, the more details we can gather, the better we can understand and combat these fraudulent schemes.

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