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      Community, be on high alert for a recent scam that involves an unauthorized charge claim from a purported cryptocurrency exchange. A community member has reported receiving an email notification about an impending charge of $858.89 for a service with Bitcorn Exchange – a service they never signed up for. The message included an order number NHDF781366 with an invoice date of February 12, 2024. The given contact number for queries is (803) 335-3426.

      Key Details:

      • Amount Threatened to be Charged: $858.89
      • Target’s Location: MA, USA- 02072
      • Contact Phone Number: (803) 335-3426
      • Order Number: NHDF781366
      • Invoice Date: February 12, 2024
      • Nature of Scam: Unauthorized charge threat related to cryptocurrency

      It appears this scam attempts to exploit individuals by instilling urgency and fear of unwarranted financial deductions. The lack of a specified URL for the so-called Bitcorn Exchange adds to the scam’s suspicion and complexity, making it difficult for victims to verify the claim or seek refunds.

      If you’ve encountered a similar scenario or received an identical or suspicious message claiming an unauthorized charge from Bitcorn Exchange or any other entity, please share your experience. Your insights could help uncover the scale of this scam and potentially aid in preventing further victimization.

      Remember, always verify the authenticity of any unsolicited financial claims or charges by directly contacting the service provider through official channels. Do not use the contact details provided in the suspicious communication. Instead, search for the company’s official contact information independently.

      Let’s stay vigilant and support one another by sharing information on such deceptive tactics. Together, we can create a safer and more informed community.

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