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      Hello Community Members,

      I’m sharing an in-depth review of Upstox Trading Option, found at, which has come under suspicion for being a potential cryptocurrency scam.

      The Complaint: A Western Idaho Victim’s Story

      A BBB Scam Tracker report from a western Idaho, US resident has highlighted concerns about Upstox Trading Option. The individual claims to have been misled by an account manager, Emily Sherman, who transferred their Bitcoin into an account but then created barriers to withdrawing profits. These included excuses like needing an account upgrade or paying various fees. The user’s experience raises significant concerns about the platform’s operations and intentions.

      Domain and Website Analysis

      – Domain Registration: Registered in Lagos, Nigeria, suggesting potential red flags.
      – Hosting Details: Hosted by Server Central Network.
      – Authority Score: A concerning 0% with minimal backlinks.

      Scam Detector Assessment

      – Trustworthiness: Rated medium-low with a score of 39.1/100.
      – Proximity to Suspicious Sites: Score of 17/100, which is worrying.
      Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam Scores: Alarmingly high scores that suggest a high-risk website.

      Platform’s Claims and Operations

      – Investment in Cryptocurrency: Claims to facilitate Bitcoin mining and other crypto investments.
      – Trading Plans Offered: Includes Starter, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans, each promising varying returns and benefits. However, these plans are unusually high-risk with dubious promises of returns.
      – Auto-trade Bot Technology: Claims to offer advanced automated trading but lacks credibility.

      Transparency and Legitimacy Concerns

      – Who’s Behind It?: No clear information about the platform’s owners or operators.
      – Fake Profiles: The website displays alleged team members who are proven to be fictional characters, using images of unrelated individuals.
      – Clones and Suspicious Domains: Associated with multiple domains, adding to the confusion about its legitimacy.

      Customer Reviews and Feedback

      – Absence of Credible Reviews: Limited online mentions and no substantial reviews from verified users.
      – BBB Complaints: Highlight issues with withdrawals and customer service, indicating potential fraudulent activities.

      Conclusion: High Caution Advised

      Given the numerous red flags, including the lack of transparency, unrealistic investment promises, and dubious operational practices, Upstox Trading Option should be approached with extreme caution. The evidence suggests that it could very well be a scam designed to lure unsuspecting investors into losing their money.

      If you have any experiences or information regarding Upstox Trading Option, please share your insights to help others make informed decisions.

      Stay informed, stay skeptical, and prioritize safety in your investment choices.

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