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ClimboMeta Review - Screenshot of was registered on April 11, 2023, for one year through NameCheap. Withheld for Privacy protects it.

It has a SEMrush Authority Score of 2% with 7 backlinks from 4 referring domains. Review

Having reviewed the extensive content provided by the Climbometa website, here’s a detailed summary focusing on the relevant aspects for your review, along with a critical evaluation of potential red flags.

Climbometa positions itself as an advanced trading platform for digital assets, highlighting a decade-long track record in delivering superior investment returns to various partners, including pension funds, foundations, and private individuals. Their services include assigning expert traders to manage clients’ portfolios, utilizing automated trading bots for strategy and trade execution, and claiming a high trading efficiency. Additionally, they emphasize the security of clients’ wallets and offer multilingual support.

The website offers various membership plans, starting from a Bronze level at $500 and scaling up, each providing tiered account features and support. Testimonials are presented to assert credibility and client satisfaction alongside claims of an expansive global reach.

Contact Details and Company Information

  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: +19784737303
  • WhatsApp Live Chat Link:
  • Physical Location: Henderson, Nevada, USA

The terms and conditions on the website detail the user’s responsibility for account security, intellectual property rights, and the process of account termination. It notes that the laws of the state of New York govern their terms for U.S. users, while Dutch laws apply to users outside the U.S. There’s a mention of compliance with international arbitration rules and procedures.

Critical Evaluation and Potential Red Flags

  1. Vague and Overstated Claims: The platform’s claim of a decade-long successful track record and high trading efficiency lacks substantiation through verifiable data or independent reviews.
  2. Lack of Detailed Company Background: While the site mentions its success and services, it lacks detailed information about the company’s history, leadership team, or specific operational details.
  3. Standardized Testimonials: The testimonials appear generic and do not provide specifics that could be verified independently, such as transaction details or user identities.
  4. Uniform Contact and Location Information: The sole contact point being a Nevada address, a single phone number, and an email address, without mention of any other global offices or specific personnel, raises concerns about the breadth of their operations.
  5. Membership Plans with High Initial Investment: The entry-level membership plan starts at $500, which is relatively high for an unproven platform. This could be a tactic to secure substantial funds upfront.
  6. Jurisdictional Discrepancies: The application of New York and Dutch laws, depending on the user’s location, could complicate legal recourse in case of disputes.
  7. Website Content and Functionality: Parts of the website content, like the investor count and hours worked, seem more like marketing fluff than substantial information. Also, the presence of scripts like “mgm” with dynamic country and investment plan generation could be misleading and create a false sense of activity or legitimacy.
  8. Absence of Regulatory Compliance Information: There’s no mention of compliance with specific financial regulatory authorities, which is crucial for a company handling investments and trading.
  9. Terms and Conditions: The clauses about termination and refund policies are standard, but the lack of specifics about the services’ nature or performance metrics is concerning.

ClimboMeta Reviews

Based on the information gathered from a Google search on, the site is positioned as a leading investor in the world’s financial markets, offering services as fiduciary advisors with a focus on digital assets trading. Despite these claims, there are several critical factors and warnings that emerge:

  1. Scam Allegations: Multiple sources, including YouTube channels like Glentham Litigation and social media accounts on platforms like TikTok, explicitly label as a scam. These allegations suggest that individuals should stay away from the platform, raising immediate red flags about its legitimacy.
  2. ScamAdviser Rating: The website has been evaluated by ScamAdviser, a tool that assesses website credibility, and received a very low trust score. ScamAdviser’s analysis points to several concerning aspects:
    – Low website traffic and presence of low-rated websites on the same server.
    – Usage of a registrar commonly employed by spammers and scammers.
    – The site hosting financial services with a high risk/return ratio.
    – Data-sensitive services hosted on a shared server and use of a hosting provider with a dubious reputation.
  3. Bitcoin Address Reports: A Bitcoin address linked to has been reported as fraudulent multiple times on This implies potential involvement in cryptocurrency scams.
  4. Terms and Conditions Analysis: The website’s terms and conditions indicate standard protocols for account security and intellectual property rights. However, these do not necessarily validate the trustworthiness of their services.
  5. Lack of Regulatory Compliance Indicators: There’s no evident information about regulatory compliance or affiliations with recognized financial authorities, which is critical for a company involved in financial services and trading.


The information from regarding the Bitcoin address 3P8PFZUkqNi8tp2JJi26xmWXZpm47AdZsA indicates that this address has been flagged as fraudulent.

It has been reported 48 times as being involved in scams.

The repeated reports and the scam alert associated with this address are significant red flags, suggesting involvement in fraudulent activities or scams related to cryptocurrency.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaint

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides a platform for reporting and tracking scams. A recent entry in their Scam Tracker highlights a cryptocurrency-related scam involving Climbometa.

According to the report, individuals were enticed to transfer about $7,500 into a crypto account under the pretense of becoming a gold member, which purportedly would significantly grow their investment.

However, when they attempted to withdraw their funds, they were informed that it would cost an additional $22,500. After this amount was added, they were then asked for an extra $2,400 to process the withdrawal.

The total reported loss from this scam is $22,500. The location of the targeted person is unknown. The scam is associated with an entity named “Cryptocurrency investment” and has been reported to the BBB on July 26, 2023, under the Scam ID 735706.

Details of the scammer as reported in the BBB Scam Tracker include:

  • Location: Mesa, AZ- 85201
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: (602) 428-2975
  • Website: Climbometa
  • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

This report underscores the importance of being cautious with cryptocurrency investments, especially with entities that demand additional payments for fund withdrawals.

Climbometa Review Conclusion

In our comprehensive review of Climbometa, found at, we have delved deep into various aspects of the platform to provide a thorough and thoughtful analysis. Climbometa positions itself as an advanced digital assets trading platform. However, this claim is marred by significant inconsistencies and potential red flags.

Climbometa boasts a decade-long track record of superior investment returns, yet this assertion lacks concrete evidence. The website’s content, including testimonials and claims of a global presence, appears overstated and lacks verifiable specifics. Furthermore, the contact details are limited to an email, phone number, and a Nevada address, which does not align with the global reach it claims to have.

The platform’s legitimacy is further called into question by multiple scam allegations from various sources, including social media and YouTube channels. These allegations are supported by a very low trust score from ScamAdviser, indicating several negative aspects such as low website traffic, association with a dubious hosting provider, and presence on the same server as other low-rated websites. Additionally, a Bitcoin address linked to Climbometa has been reported 48 times for fraudulent activities, intensifying concerns over its involvement in cryptocurrency scams.

A notable complaint registered with the BBB describes how customers were lured into transferring significant funds with the promise of high returns, only to be met with exorbitant additional charges for withdrawals. This incident, which resulted in a loss of $22,500, typifies the predatory tactics employed by the platform.

The Bottom Line Regarding

In light of these findings, we urge potential clients and partners to exercise extreme caution. The glaring discrepancies in Climbometa’s claims, coupled with the absence of regulatory compliance information and the nature of customer complaints, suggest that it operates with dubious intentions. Our review aims to inform and protect the crypto community from such deceptive practices.

If you have been affected by Climbometa, we encourage you to share your experience in our forums to foster a safer and more informed community.

Please share your experiences with Climbometa by replying below or head to our forums to engage in discussion with our community.

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