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Its SEMrush Authority Score is 2% with 93 backlinks from only 5 referring domains:,,, and may be targeting Canadians. Review

Market Peace presents itself as a full-service consultation firm specializing in asset recovery, primarily from fraudulent investments. Their services seem to focus on helping clients recover lost investments from binary options and other dubious investment schemes. The company claims to have a history of working with various investment and research firms, forming a team dedicated to asset recovery. Their mission includes supporting individuals struggling with addiction by providing funding for help, aiming to secure the Internet business environment, and reducing scam activities.

Contact details provided include email addresses ( &, a US-based phone number (+1 (470) 469-9769), and an address in Citrus Hills, Arizona, United States. The website lists a team with positions such as CEO, security expert, financial advisor, loans advisor, and consultants. However, no specific regulatory information or company registration details are provided.

The website’s structure includes sections on services offered, such as business management, market research, financial planning, and funds recovery. Notably, there’s a blog section with a single post about Metatrader 4 scams, emphasizing risks in Forex trading and ways to identify such scams.

Red Flags and Potential Indicators of a Scam

  1. Lack of Specific Regulatory Information: The absence of detailed regulatory or licensing information is concerning. Legitimate financial service providers usually display regulatory compliance and registration details prominently.
  2. Limited Online Presence: The social media links lead to generic platforms rather than specific profiles, indicating a lack of established online presence, which is unusual for a legitimate business.
  3. Overemphasis on Recovering Lost Funds: While asset recovery is a legitimate service, excessive focus on this aspect can be a tactic used by fraudulent entities to gain the trust of individuals who have already been scammed.
  4. Generic Content and Lack of Depth: The website content, particularly the blog section, lacks depth and diversity. A single post on Forex scams without further educational or informative content can be a red flag.
  5. Potential Fabricated Testimonials: The testimonials section seems overly positive and potentially fabricated; probably a tactic to falsely establish credibility.
  6. Unverifiable Team Members: Without verifiable backgrounds or professional profiles, the listed team members’ authenticity can be questioned.
  7. Vague Mission and Vision Statements: Although the mission and vision statements are present, they are quite broad and do not provide specific insights into the company’s operational methods or expertise.
  8. No Mention of Past Successes or Case Studies: Legitimate firms typically showcase past successes or case studies to demonstrate their competency, which seems missing here.

While the idea of a firm specializing in asset recovery from fraudulent investments is plausible, the lack of specific regulatory information, limited online presence, and other red flags raise questions about Market Peace’s legitimacy.

Marketpeace Reviews

There are several red flags and critical points to consider regarding

  1. Mixed Online Reviews and Reputation: Market Peace has mixed reviews on various online platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and others. While some reviews indicate customer satisfaction, others raise concerns about the legitimacy and effectiveness of their services.
  2. Issues with Trust and Authenticity: Trustpilot flagged a number of fake reviews associated with Market Peace and removed them due to breaches of guidelines. This action suggests that some of the positive reviews might not be genuine.
  3. Scam Detector’s Analysis: The website was analyzed by Scam Detector and given a score of 47.7/100, falling into the category of “Doubtful, Medium-Risk, Alert.” This score is based on factors like domain age, HTTPS connection, proximity to suspicious websites, and threat profile.
  4. Potential Red Flags in Recovery Services: Market Peace offers services in fund recovery, a sector that has seen a rise in fraudulent recovery rooms. These fraudulent entities often target victims of initial scams, promising to recover lost funds but ending up exploiting them further.
  5. Unregulated Status: Market Peace is noted as being unregulated. This lack of regulatory oversight can be a significant concern, especially in financial services, where regulation is crucial for consumer protection.
  6. Suspicious Social Media Links: The links to social media on their website do not lead to specific profiles, which is unusual for a legitimate business seeking to establish an online presence.

In conclusion, while Market Peace presents itself as a service aimed at helping victims of online scams, the mixed reviews, issues with authenticity, and its unregulated status suggest a need for caution.


Market Peace positions itself as a comprehensive consultation firm specializing in asset recovery from dubious investment schemes. Its services are geared towards aiding clients in recouping investments lost in binary options and similar ventures. The company underscores its commitment to battling addiction and securing the online business environment against scams. However, the lack of specific regulatory details and company registration information is conspicuous.

The website is structured to outline various services, including business management and funds recovery. The content, particularly in the blog section, is somewhat superficial, with only a single post discussing Forex trading scams. This lack of depth in content is a potential concern.

Several red flags necessitate caution for potential clients:

  1. Regulatory Ambiguity: The absence of explicit regulatory or licensing information raises questions about the company’s legitimacy and compliance with financial service standards.
  2. Online Presence: The website’s social media links don’t direct to specific profiles, suggesting a lack of an established digital footprint, which is unusual for a business in today’s digital age.
  3. Emphasis on Funds Recovery: The primary focus on asset recovery, while legitimate, could also be a strategy employed by fraudulent entities to exploit victims of previous scams.
  4. Content and Testimonial Concerns: The content on the site lacks variety and depth, and the testimonials appear overly positive, potentially pointing to fabrication.
  5. Team Authenticity and Mission Clarity: The authenticity of the team members cannot be verified, and the company’s mission and vision statements lack specificity, casting doubt on their operational methods and expertise.

In our analysis, we found mixed online reviews, with some raising alarms about the site’s legitimacy and effectiveness. These factors, combined with its unregulated status and suspicious social media links, underscore the need for thorough research and due diligence before engaging with Market Peace’s services.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Market Peace’s promise of aiding victims of online scams is noble, the various red flags and concerns highlighted in this review suggest that individuals should proceed with caution and consider seeking advice from independent, verified financial experts.

If you have any experience with Market Peace, please visit our forum and share your story with us, or reply below.

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